Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many user types you have in your system and what they can do?
A. Currently our system supports three types of users.
    - Employer
    - Recruiter
    - Job Seeker

2. Who is 'Employer' user?
A. This user account is suitable for companies who are looking to recruit the potential job candidates directly.

3. What are the features and functionalities of 'Employer'?
A. Employer user will be able to post jobs and can search resumes.
    While posting jobs, Employer can also setup screening Questionnaire to do initial filtration process for the resumes submitted. 
    Employer user will also have ability to create sub-accounts for other employers in his/her company. This will help to maintain the company brand in one place at the same time, all the transactions can be monitored from master account.

4. Who is 'Recruiter' User?
A. Recruiter user will have ability to post jobs as well as upload resumes of his/her consultants.
    A Recruiter user can apply for a job with more than one resume and can track the status using our enhanced ATS (Application Tracking System).
    An Employer user can only post jobs and approve/reject the resumes received for those jobs.

5. What are the features and functionalities of 'Recruiter'?
A. A Recruiter user can perform below operations:   
      - Can post Jobs
      - Can post Resumes
      - Can apply multiple resumes for single job
      - Can track the status of applied jobs and received applications in ATS

6. Who is 'Job Seeker' User?
A. Job Seeker account is suitable for potential job seekers who want to apply for jobs.

7. What are the features and functionalities of 'Job Seeker'?
A. Job Seeker can Post Resumes, search jobs and can contact the Employers/Recruiters using Private Message System.

8. I've registered but my account is not active yet. What should I do?
A. To avoid spam registrations, we have enabled admin moderation for registrations. Our administrators will review your registration and take a call on approval. It may take upto around 24hrs but so far, we did it in less than 1 hour :) But if you still did not get any indication about your account approval even after 24hrs, then please get in touch with is with your registered email id by either dropping us a mail at or leaving a message at our GTalk Id: ejobsville

9. Whom should I contact if I found any bug in
A. We always strive to make sure that system is bug free. But if you come across some issue, then you can report it to us by using 'Contact' form or you can drop a mail at or you can leave a message at our GTalk ID: ejobsville
Please dont forget to quote the error message you are seeing. Screen shot image will also help us in gathering more info about the bug.

10. Whom should I reach out to, if I have feedback/suggestion for
A. If you happen to have feedback or suggestion for improvement, you have all our attention. You can reach us by using 'Contact' form or you can drop a mail at or you can leave a message at our GTalk ID: ejobsville

11. My question is not listed here. What do I do?
A. Please reach out to us with 'Contact' form or though mail ( or Gtalk (ID: ejobsville). If we find that others can use this information, we surely add it in this section.
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